Ultimate Cleaning and Disinfecting Services: Formulated To Thoroughly Clean

At RLklean, you can get Cleaning and Disinfecting Services that can best fit the needs of your commercial and residential facilities. We will give a free quote estimate once you call.

Advanced Cleaning and Disinfecting Services: Your Best Cleaning Solution

A woman wearing PPE and mask cleaning and disinfecting the table

Our Accomplished Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in Altamonte Spring, Florida, has been a big help for home and business owners. Besides the cleaning services that we offer, there is much about our company that you will know in the following. 

RLKlean LLC was established in 2010 and started as a family-owned company. We offer many solution-based cleaning services to any cleaning needs.

We aim for client satisfaction in delivering the highest care and concern to various facilities. Especially this pandemic, proper cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting are most in our attention. 

Our service specialty at RLKlean LLC is tile and grout cleaning and restoration. But we offer more than what you think. We like to go beyond the usual, so we only use eco-friendly chemical solutions. We advocate safety for our clients and our cleaning team experts.

New technology trends are what we like to learn and apply. Our cleaning professionals are equipped and experienced in incorporating technology into our cleaning processes. On top of that, our expert cleaning team is trained specifically to deep clean your tile and grout. 

We remain intentional in our mission to help commercial and residential areas over the years. It assures our clients that we clean to achieve their desired cleanliness. The passion for cleaning facilities keeps growing. So we cater to clean nearby commercial, offices, residential, and more environments through the following zip codes: 32701, 32714,32715,32716. 

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The Best Cleaning Services Are Await You At RLklean LLC

A woman cleaning and disinfecting the room

At RLklean LLC in Altamonte Spring, Florida, you'll get to work with a mission-driven cleaning team. We are empowered with a mission to help and build a long-term partnership with our clients. 

We are more than a bucket and mop, composed of trained cleaning professionals. We embrace the credibility of providing premium cleaning services.

Advance cleaning tools and EPA-approved disinfectants are used to execute the best result. Our cleaning processes are also straightforward to clean efficiently and maximize our client's busy schedule. More about why you would choose us are written below.


  • We use Advanced Technology for Superior Results
  • Our expert cleaning specialists are Fully Insured
  • We continuously provide training to our Technicians and specialists
  • We are flexible for Local Service
  • We curate Written Estimates that suit your needs.
Cleaning and Disinfecting: Best Advice From EPA, Preventing Covid-19

You will experience a cleaning service that is beyond what you expected. The qualities we listed earlier about us are only a few reasons why commercial and residential owners choose cleaning services at RLklean LLC in Altamonte Spring, Florida. Accordingly, you might wonder what services you can avail of from us. So we also listed them below for your knowledge. And oh, don't hesitate to give us a call whenever you need one of these. Call now!

  • Commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning 
  • Health care cleaning 
  • Terminal cleaning
  • Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting

Cleaning and Disinfecting: Best Advice From EPA, Preventing Covid-19

A woman wearing face mask and PPE is cleaning the table

Cleaning and Disinfecting have been our habit for more than two years. We understand the importance of constant swiping, wiping, and even maintaining our hygiene after doing chores, errands, and meeting people. Knowing health expert advice can prevent ourselves and our commercial and residential facilities from the risk of acquiring the virus. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised the public on the latest guidance to help home and business owners clean and disinfect their place. There are three pieces of advice from EPA and CDC; please see them below.

1. Frequent Cleaning- we should do this method to those high-touch surfaces, including door knobs, light switches and more. High-traffic areas in your facilities should also be the focal point of the cleaning process, indoor settings such as meeting rooms or production floors.

2. Use EPA registered disinfectants- At this point, we should beware of reliable disinfectant materials. Non-EPA registered materials can cause more damage to our health or environment. Smart choice of materials such as EPA registered disinfectants, sanitizing solutions and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), gloves, and masks are highly advised.

3. Apply preventive measures- Wearing a face mask can be a nuisance if we use uncomfortable and not-advisable one. So make sure to use advisable and approved face covering to prevent spreading any virus to your environment or local communities.


CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said that proper and effective Cleaning and disinfecting are important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Re-opening businesses and facilities can be challenging, but our economy will recover soon following safety protocols. To add, cleaning specialists at RLKlean LLC can help people who need expertise in maintaining their facilities. Today is the perfect day to contact us to get your free quote estimate.