About Us

Elevating the Gold Standard for the Cleaning Industry

Established in 2010, RLKlean LLC was founded as a family-owned company offering expert cleaning solutions for various needs. Our services are delivered with the highest care and concern for customer satisfaction, ensuring a quick response time to every call.

RLKlean LLC is the leader in tile and grout cleaning and restoration. Our company only uses eco-friendly chemical solutions and the latest technology equipment to renew your tile and grout. Our technician is trained to evaluate your floor needs, provide a competitive price quote, and exceed your expectations with a job well done.


Our mission is to deliver intentional cleaning service. We ensure that we are involved in your situation and on what you want to achieve. We understand how difficult and frustrating it is to see your place dirty and lose huge opportunities to leverage your business or even attract productivity at your place. So we use our passion, expertise, and technology to clean your place quickly. When you decide to avail of our cleaning services, expect that you are not just our customer, but you will be part of our reliable and growing team.


What You Can Expect With RLKlean LLC

  • We use Advanced Technology for Superior Results

  • Our expert cleaning specialists are Fully Insured

  • We continuously provide training to our Technicians and specialists

  • We are flexible for Local Service

  • We curate Written Estimates that suit your needs.

Choose RLKlean LLC If You Want A Safe And Deep Cleaning Services

With RLKlean LLC, you’ll get more than just a bucket and mop; you’ll get trained professionals. As the cleaning and restoration “expert of choice,” we take great pride in maintaining the quality of our service and the highest standards in the industry. Our professional technicians are trained to provide the most advanced restoration services available with a superior level of customer service support.

Best of all, our solutions are environmentally friendly and are safe for babies and pets.

You Need Us Because We...


Are Distinctly Different

It is our honor and privilege to serve our community with the highest degree of respect for the facilities we service. We set ourselves apart from the competition by ensuring great care of the vicinities we thoroughly clean, performing jobs professionally and respectfully.


Want Long-Term Partnership

At RLKlean LLC, you will have a long-term partnership that you can tap on whenever you need your place to be cleaned. Our team of expert cleaning specialists is trained to do commercial and residential cleaning services.


Are Expert And Upfront

Our team of expert cleaning specialists at RLKlean LLC is trained over the years of experienced and licensed to do intensive work. We specialized to clean tile and grout cleaning that has been a problem of most of the commercial and residential facilities and establishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our process is fast and easy to book your schedule. First, call our number on our page, fill out the contact form, or email us directly. Second, one of our responsive consultants will reach out to you shortly. That's it!

A. Our friendly RLKlean LLC representative will come to your home or business location to identify what you need and what should be done. Then, we will curate and write a free written evaluation that will suit your needs through what we have observed. 

A. As we have mentioned above, our estimate process is fast and upfront. Our expert specialists can inspect the area and provide a written evaluation in 10 to 20 minutes, as fast as that!

A. Each job is unique and different, so we make sure to do an actual physical inspection of your place to provide accurate free evaluations with the right prices quoted and no hidden charges.

A. Most of our work can be scheduled within five business days.

A. No, we will not ask for any deposits for work scheduled. We will only ask that you pay for services after completion.

A. We use a low pressure/hot water system to clean your tile and grout. The vapor system will heat water to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, cleaning your grout with vapor technology using tap water. This will leave your grout in a pH-neutral state.

A. Yes. We only use eco-friendly chemical solutions, and with that said, it contains no acid or bleach as these ingredients can do long-term damage to your grout. The solution is then followed by our vapor technology, removing the discoloration on your tile and grout.

A. The vapor cleaning process eliminates the cleaner from the pores of the joint, leaving it in a pH-neutral state.

A. The mopping of excess cleaner is not completely absorbed, leaving the cleaner in the pores of the grout. The cleaner will disrupt the pH level of the floor, creating a dirt magnet after completion.

A. No, grout is rated to withstand pressure up to 600 to 800 psi. The truck-mounted equipment generates pressure between 1500 to 3000 psi. The amount of pressure generated will create small cracks in the joint along with exploiting existing cracks.

Call us and experience a FREE consultation today. Once you do, you will also learn more about how RLKlean can help you clean your facilities. Our responsive and friendly customer service representative will talk to you immediately. Call today!